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Anel – Veterinary Assistant

Anel has been part of the Heart Lake Veterinary Hospital team since March 2022. Even though she recently joined the team, she believes Heart Lake has already become her second home. Anel loves being the person responsible to hold and keep your pet comfortable and happy when they are feeling a bit nervous during their visit. She has always been passionate about animals and is very happy to work in the field of animal care. For the past few years, Anel has completed multiple pet care courses and has gained experience with animals in many different areas. She is thrilled to be now studying Animal Welfare & Law while being part of the team, and she hopes to pursue a veterinary technology diploma in the future. In her free time, Anel enjoys crafting new things, going to the arcade, and spending time with her husband and furry babies, Maple Syrup the pug, Larry the mouse and her Siamese cat, Sky.